RUM Project welcomes 2 new Board members

The RUM Project Chair, Mr Warwick Plunkett, today announced the appointment of two distinguished additions to the RUM Project Board of Directors – Dr Lynn Weekes AM and Mr Mitch Messer.

Dr Weekes is currently the CEO of NPS MedicineWise and Mr Mitch Messer is a past Chairman of the Consumer Health Forum (CHF). Dr Weekes is a registered Pharmacist, and has been at the helm of NPS MedicineWise since it s inception.

Dr Weekes said “the RUM Project provides a very important service for consumers to help them safely dispose of unwanted and out of date medicines, and reduce their risk of medication misadventure. As someone who is passionate about quality us e of medicines and safe medicines I am delighted to be joining the Board”.

Mr Messer was the Consumer representative on the PBAC for over 10 years, and is President of Cystic Fibrosis Australia.

Mr Plunkett said: “These appointments expand the level of experience already present at the RUM Project Board. The RUM Project has worked closely with NPS MedicineWise and the CHF, which are important resources for such a consumer focussed program. I am delighted to see these additions to the successful RUM Project Board”